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Babington House wedding
Babington House wedding
Venue: Babington House
Brief: Ralph Lauren meets Boho Chic
Details: Vintage glass vases, nautical placemats, purple velvet, mint green leather chairs, polo ponies and gauchos.

Polo ponies and gauchos greeted the guests on arrival, galloping up the driveway and trotting around the grounds.

St Margaret's chapel at Babington is so stunningly small and guests with their colours were so magical, with hats bumping and feathers and frills bustling out of the aisles, that there was no need to decorate, so only a few candles burning.

The Bride strolled from the church to the reception under an awning of matching umbrellas on a hay lined mat to meet guests in the library, where a low key magician, disguised as a wedding guest, entertained a few at a time. Chatter, champers, and canap├ęs were all flowing.

To break any remaining ice stand up comedian, Adam Bloom, started the wedding breakfast and soon had everyone laughing and interacting. The antipasti style starter followed immediately with the main course soon afterwards, all designed to ensure continued interaction amongst the guests.
A male guest on each table had to carve up a stunning leg of lamb at the table, each was given a chef's hat and apron embossed with a Top Gun pilot's name on the front adding a lovely detail to the evening.

After moving speeches they cut their Croquembouche cake, choux tumbling into table cloths held by the bridesmaids. The display of Croques spilling out was fun and the pieces were served throughout the evening along with chocolate brownies and lemon tarts to fuel the guests with tons of energy to party the night away.

The first dance was a first song which caught a lot of their guests by surprise and while they kept their guests distracted with their musical talents, the bar was converted into a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory room filled with colour and sweets! It was magical; people were cheering and hair was flying, so intimate, interactive and a reflection of what they both hoped for their marriage.

happy couples rule
Thorne Bay
Thorne Bay

It was spectacular morning and with the sun beating down guests arrived, champagne was placed in their hands, shoes were traded for flip flops and they headed through from my mothers beach house on to beach.
The flower girls were lollypop girls instead giving them something to relate to was more in keeping with the sensitivity and thought I had given to each detail of the wedding .

The crowd gathered on the beach near the rock and the lollypop girls, the Bride ad her father walked down the garden steps and onto the beach in the sunshine. With the sea at mid-tide there was plenty of room for everyone to stand whilst the waves were not too high to splash.
Rice was thrown, sand was wedged in there toes and the water lapped while the photos were taken on the seashore.

Entering back to the beach house into the open plan living dining area beside the pool where guests were served from a buffet of salads, meats and fresh veggies. The wine was Italian and blush and the guests ate whilst casually chatting.
The cake was a series of tarts, lemon and fruit which were bite size so as not to make a mess. Mini magnums were also served. It was a heart felt day surrounded by family present and past.

happy couples rule
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